Saturday, 3 January 2015


Looking back I can't quite believe how far I have come in 2014. I feel like I put in some seriously hard work and it all paid off which was one of the most rewarding outcomes of the year. I've loved my training all year and have regularly been down to the Quay doing laps on brilliant routes and at the Rock and Rapid Adventure Centre pulling down hard on their training board with good mates.

Fisherman's Tale my Anstey's Project
I'll start with my bouldering. It has been a year of highs and lows with the highest high being some of my outdoor ascents like Ben's Roof 7C+, Brad Pitt 7C, Corridors of Power 7C although these where all dwarfed by The End is Nigh 8A. In a competition front I haven't climb as well and found that I've really struggled to compete in the new category of youth A.

The End is Nigh
My lead outdoors I think has been the highlight of the year and I'll never forget when I climbed my first 8b+ Kale Borroka at Suirana. I think this is the best route I've ever climbed and the best I have ever climbed. It was just one of those moments where I was totally in the zone feeling immersed in the movement and executing it perfectly. These moments are rare and I regret now not taking an hour to just appreciate it. I climbed many more 8b's and 8b+'s that year and it all culminated in Slow Food which is the hardest route I've ever done, I think that was my physical peak of the year. The question of 8c was constantly on my mind. It was the next big grade and I feel like it is the step up into the big league. I tried Dure Limites once and found it suited me but it got wet so I hope to return this year to Ceuse to finish it. I had a goal to onsight 8a too which came to fruit when I succeeded on Font Picant and I'd never had to fight so much! When the wall was about to become less steep and more feature I just remember thinking, 'This is it, give it everything!'

Nothing beats the Archtempter!!

My competition lead was a hard year as I moved in Youth A and, at Imst, was shocked at how much harder it had all got! The main event was New Caledonia which was the most memorable trip of the year. I wasn't happy with my performance but then again I didn't have a nightmare and I finished in 19th place. One of the best moments was making the senior men's final at the BLCCs which has opened some doors for me.

Corridors of Power
I've also done a smattering of trad and have managed E4 on lead which was a terrifying experience and also I did the Archtempter E3 which was my first proper experience of choss climbing. I have also been lucky this year to be sponsored by Dewerstone clothing and I have enjoyed supporting a local Devon company!

Recently I have had some time off and have had a holiday to Nice over Christmas. This has been a really chilled out affair and I've had fun just climbing and discovering new places. This is something I've missed over the last couple years, I've been stuck in a performance tunnel, as Steve McClure puts it, but I still don't think that is a bad thing and I'm even more excited to through myself into it next year.

I end briefly with hopes for 2015; most importantly I want to remain injury free and keep enjoying my climbing. I'd like to do better in the competitions and also I might be able to go to a senior World Cup so the competition side is looking good! Outdoors I want to climb 8c that's basically it. I want to discover new places and generally follow my passion wherever it takes me, so lets hope 2015 is a good one!

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